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Monday to Thursday - 8.00am to 9.00pm

Friday -  8.00am to 7.00pm

Saturday and Sunday - 9.00am to 12.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm 



Culloden Veterinary Clinic

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About Us


Culloden Veterinary Clinic is the very first purpose built, small animal veterinary practice north of Aberdeen. Ever! 

We moved into our new premises five years ago and currently there are five vets, four vet nurses, one full time and four part time secretaries.  We are always available to talk to and you won't be rushed out. We have standard fifteen minute appointments, or longer if necessary. We use honesty, openness and niceness combined with a bit of knowledge. Above all we pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming place for you and your pet.


The building has been designed with two consulting rooms, a reception area and waiting room, offices, full surgical facilities, recovery kennels, x-ray department and in-house laboratory. Our building is also fully compliant to legal disabled requirements, with ample parking available. It has been designed to accommodate veterinary teams of three :- one vet, one vet nurse and one secretary. Our aim is to grow as far as is possible into a practice that doesn't close. Open 24 hours a day, with surgery performed at night, the clinic would be fully staffed at all times.


If you or your pet currently find going to the vets stressful or worrying for any reason, if you have any questions or would just like happy, friendly staff then come visit us at Culloden Vets. You can contact any member of staff via email, or by picking up the phone.


Here at Culloden Vets we take great care in making sure your animal receives the best possible treatment. Sometimes we will refer certain cases to a Vet who specialises in that particular area for a professional assessment.



Weight Clinic
Just like us, sometimes pets can be overweight. If you think your pet is not at it's ideal weight, please get in touch with our...
Practice walks
Practice walks have started again. A list of walks, dates and directions are on the home page!!
Prevent fleas and ticks for 8 months!
A SERESTO collar will kill fleas and ticks, and repel ticks, for 8 months! Put one on now, and forget fleas and ticks for the rest of 2014! They're waterproof, so swimming or going out in the rain won't stop them working. They are a bit dearer, but on a monthly basis, well under half the cost of droppers.
Feedback please.
We'd like your comments, good or bad, about the Clinic. Tell us what you think - send us an e-mail.
Rabbit Preventitive Care
We know you are all very good at preventing worms and fleas in your dogs and cats, but how many of you remember to treat your rabbits? Rabbits can catch fleas from passing hedgehogs, wild rabbits and even cats. There are spot on applications available to treat and prevent flea infestations, come and speak to one of our vets who can discuss the best treatment for your bunny. The other thing that you must be aware at this time of year is 'Fly Strike'. Flystrike is a devastating condition caused by the green bottle fly which are attracted to damp fur soiled with urine or soft faeces. Each fly can lay up to 200 eggs on the skin at the rear end of an animal which then hatch into maggots within hours and grow by feeding on flesh. The maggots can very quickly eat away at large areas of tissue around the bottom, tail, scent glands, belly and back, and affected rabbits are quite literaly 'eaten alive'. Therefore it is really important that you check your rabbit EVERY day for signs of soiling around it's bum. Please give us a call to discuss any of these problems with a vet or nurse or to make an appointment for your bunny to have a check-up
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