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At Culloden Veterinary Clinic, we aim to provide the highest possible standard of veterinary care to our patients within the constraints of general practice. We do not attempt to be the lowest priced practice in the area, but charge what we feel necessary to provide a high level of care.

We are happy to discuss our fees with our clients and can provide estimates for treatment on request.

View our prices below:


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Initial Consultation £35.24 £35.24
Follow-up Consultation £28.00 £28.00
Small Animal Consultation £28.50 £28.50
Puppy & Kitten 1st Check-up Free Free
Pre Neutering Check-up Free* Free

*Consult is free if neutering operation is booked at time of check-up.


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Puppy Vaccination Course £76.76 Included
Dog Booster Vaccination £51.94 Included
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination £41.04* Included
Dog Booster & Kennel Cough Vaccination £77.22 Included
Kitten Vaccination Course with FeLV £72.00 Included
Kitten Vaccination Course without FeLV £55.34 Included
Cat Booster With FeLV £54.00 Included
Cat Booster Without FeLV £40.00 Included
Rabbit Myxo & VHD Vaccination £42.37 Included
Rabbit RHD2 Vaccination £35.52 Included
Rabies Booster Vaccination £63.68 £57.30



All vaccinations include a full clinical exam.

* Special price of £22.60 for fully vaccinated dogs. Please note, your dog must have been vaccinated at our practice within the last year to qualify for this.

Neutering Operations

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog Castrate Under 25kg £175.00 20% off
Dog Castrate 25kg - 40kg £210.00 20% off
Dog Castration Over 40kg £215.06 20% off
Bitch Spay Under 25kg £219.98 20% off
Bitch Spay 25kg - 45kg £250.00 20% off
Bitch Spay Over 45kg £255.20 20% off
Cat Castrate £53.50 20% off
Cat Spay (Flank) £86.50 20% off
Rabbit Spay £101.09 20% off
Rabbit Castrate £80.24 20% off
Guinea Pig Castration £65.85 £65.85
Rat Castration £75.23 £75.23
Ferret Castration £75.23 £75.23



Our neutering prices are ALL INCLUSIVE so the price you see is the price you pay.

These fees are inclusive of:

  • Pain-relief
  • Follow-up appointment for wound check and removal of any stitches
  • Going home pain-relief where routinely given
  • 'Lampshade' buster collars where required

Nurse Clinics

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Microchipping £23.00 Included
Nail Clipping £15.00 Included
Anal Glands Expressing £14.50 Two per annum
Weight Check Free Free

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