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Saying Goodbye

Help when you need it most

Our caring team here at Culloden Veterinary Clinic fully understand the heartache and pain involved when it comes to saying goodbye to our beloved pets.

We want to help you through this difficult time, dealing with the loss of your pet whether this has happened through illness, disease, accidental trauma or ageing.

Euthanasia cannot be thought of as a negative decision as it is the last gift you can give to your faithful companion with dignity and minimal suffering. This can be done at the surgery or by arrangement in your own home.

On the day, your pet may first be given a sedative to make them sleepy. Many owners prefer to stay with their pet whilst they drift away peacefully before the final injection is given, this is a personal choice. Your pet will feel no pain or discomfort. We will try to ensure that you can spend as much time as you need with your pet afterwards.

Some owners will take their pet home to bury and some owners will decide on a communal cremation (no ashes returned). If you decide to have a private cremation where the ashes are returned to you, we have some different options available which are supplied through Elysian Fields PCS (Scotland).

It can be such an overwhelming feeling of sadness, after all they are part of our family, and it is totally normal to feel like this. Grief affects people in so many different ways and you mustn’t feel embarrassed, your vet will have seen every emotion.

There are some very useful organizations out there that can help deal with the loss which we have listed below:

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